Summer DOs and DON’TS!


1. DO wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun and keep your skin hydrated. Its a secret to a great summer glow!


It helps to prevent facial brown spots and skin discolorations.

It also helps to reduce the appearance of facial red veins and blotchiness.


2. DON’T wear flip-flops (all the time)


You wouldn’t do your workout in flip-flops, right? Then don’t walk long distances in them. The angle of your foot hitting the ground changes compared to when you wear regular shoes, and an abnormal gait pattern can lead to leg pain.


3. DO try a vibrant color lipgloss (preferably) or lipstick to brighten up your face and make the perfect summer statement.


Lipsticks that are dark and opaque can look too severe in bright sunlight, while glosses can be tough to wear because the heat can make them feel gooey and sticky.

4. DON’T wear heavy eye liner or mascara — unless it’s waterproof.  You don’t want to leave the beach or pool with the raccoon look.


No need for layers of shadow. Instead, dust your lids with bronzer and line the top of your eyes with a neutral color that contains a hint of sparkle. Go for a natural eye “look”

5. DO wear bronzer (correctly)


Bronzer is the secret weapon to faking that sun-kissed look. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks, nose, and forehead with a wide brush made with natural fibers.Choose a liquid bronzer that is shear or a powdered mineral bronzer. Use a bronzer, instead of foundation, that compliments your skin tone instead to create an amazing sun kissed look.

6.DON’T wear a thick cream-based foundation under the summer rays


Try to prevent melting makeup by skipping liquid or cream foundation and use mineral powder instead. The less foundation and fewer products you use, the more likely it is that your makeup will stay in place.

7.DO Try a Hair Primer


Hair primer? Weird right. Your hair can’t get sunburned, but the sun can still damage your color and dry out your strands.

8.DON’T wear short shorts!


I know it’s hot out, but there’s a fine line between underwear and shorts — and that line is the bottom crease of your tush. Ladies: Please take a look at your behind before leaving the house.

9.DO embrace the peplum.


If you’re straight it adds a curve. If you have a little something extra in your stomach or your tush that extra flounce covers it.

10.DON’T match too much.


Don’t wear matching jewelry. Or match shoes and belts and trims. Keep it simple. Don’t over accessorize.






20 Life Hacks You Need to Know!

1. Tired of warm water?


2.For the coffee lovers out there!


3.No more tangles



4. Get a perfect pancake circle every time


5.Say goodbye to cloudy headlights


6.No more half full buckets



7.Having trouble not drinking enough water?



8.Stop losing money



9.Perfect strawberry



10.Password master



11.Save your money from buying ink!



12.Perfect egg



13.Gardening this summer?



14. Make your own taco dish


15.Preparing for a test?


16.Date that will make girls go gaga


17.I did not know this..


18.Prevent your clothes from slipping off


19.Helpful for dresses,bags, and more!


20. Mind block?



Best Job Interview Prank!

‘World’s toughest job interview’

They created a FAKE job, and posted it online and in the newspapers.  These are real people thinking they are applying for a job, but through Skype.  The requirements included a PhD in psychology or real-life equivalent, crisis management skills, the ability to manage a minimum of 10-15 projects at one time, and working from 135 to an unlimited number of hours per week. The person conducting the interviews is an actor, also not aware that the paid actor was talking to them from another room in the same center.

“One of our writers went home to Michigan to be with her family,” recalled Jon Ruby, vice president and creative director at Mullen. “She spent quite a bit of time with her brother and sister-in-law. She does not have kids, but they do. In watching them, she saw how they interacted with the kids. Her sister-in-law was on her feet 24/7 and never stopped working.

“When she came back, she said being a mom is really the world’s toughest job.”


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Outfit idea:  High-waisted jeans automatically look dressier than other jeans and seem more like a trouser than a jean, so they fit in well with a tailored, classic wardrobe. Here are three beautiful ways to pair high-waisted jeans with classic pieces.

  • Add a button-down shirt and high-heeled loafers to wide – leg high – waisted jeans . Finish with a belt for a polished look.
  • Wear high-waisted jeans with a T-shirt and a blazer. Slip into some espadrilles with a very high wedge heel.
  • Layer a cardigan over a knit tank and finish with ballerina flats.





Outfit idea: Take out your shorts and sandals! Pair them up with a cute top, and don’t forget to accessorize your outfit a little bit!




Outfit idea: Go floral! Perfect for spring! You can’t go wrong on that one.




Outfit idea: Wanna look in theme but yet still cute? Chick it out! Just in perfect for Easter.



Outfit idea: Don’t put away your leggings just yet! They’ll look stylish with any cute top.



Outfit idea : Heels with a blazer is a fantastic pair! Making you look taller & fashionable at the same time.





1O Make up transformations you wouldn’t believe! Take a look!

How many times have you heard “make up isn’t everything”, “you look so much better without make up!”, or “natural beauty is better!”. Make-up is a very powerful tool for transformation. Make up is more than mascara and powders…it’s more like magic! Here are some make up transformations.






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