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Innocent Lips

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Oh La La Lip Tar Review


I’ve wanted to do a review on these since I saw their ad. I didn’t want to order online because I actually wanted to test the colors first before buying and finally I saw some at the mall. Just to clear this up, I am not being paid to do these reviews. These are 100% my own opinions.


What  is Lip Tar?

It’s a combination of the longevity of a lipstick, with the ease of application of a gloss. The formula doesn’t contain petroleum or silicon. Lip Tar is 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free, and is also free of parabens and other harsh preservatives.


















  • The pigmentation on these are crazy. I have very pigmented lips and I was actually surprised that “Hush” was a perfect nude for me.


  • This product is great when you’re looking for a bright, bold neon pink color! When I wear this I get so many compliments and questions on what it is. However there is a downside, this product is EXTREMELY drying. I suggest exfoliating your lips and adding a bit of Vaseline or something to moisturize your lips before you put this on.


  • If your looking for a sheer option this is not for you. But if you want rich velvety smooth vibrant colors choose this product, it is matte.


  •  They are $16 for just a small tube, but a little goes a long ways. You have to be careful when squeezing the tube not to apply too much pressure or else the all the product will just come out. Keep in mind the tube is only 0.33 oz.


  • It didn’t stay on as well as I had been led to believe. I have to reapply this multiple times through the night to keep the pigment, but my lips also end up slightly stained for the next few days.

Overall, these were an okay product. They are very pigmented but it does make your lips dry. It also has a weird smell to them and I dislike how the peppermint oil in it felt. I know this sounds like a rant, but I wish that I didn’t waste 90 dollars on them. I love the color but I don’t really like much else about it.

You can purchase yours here at Sephora. ($18)




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