Summer DOs and DON’TS!


1. DO wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun and keep your skin hydrated. Its a secret to a great summer glow!


It helps to prevent facial brown spots and skin discolorations.

It also helps to reduce the appearance of facial red veins and blotchiness.


2. DON’T wear flip-flops (all the time)


You wouldn’t do your workout in flip-flops, right? Then don’t walk long distances in them. The angle of your foot hitting the ground changes compared to when you wear regular shoes, and an abnormal gait pattern can lead to leg pain.


3. DO try a vibrant color lipgloss (preferably) or lipstick to brighten up your face and make the perfect summer statement.


Lipsticks that are dark and opaque can look too severe in bright sunlight, while glosses can be tough to wear because the heat can make them feel gooey and sticky.

4. DON’T wear heavy eye liner or mascara — unless it’s waterproof.  You don’t want to leave the beach or pool with the raccoon look.


No need for layers of shadow. Instead, dust your lids with bronzer and line the top of your eyes with a neutral color that contains a hint of sparkle. Go for a natural eye “look”

5. DO wear bronzer (correctly)


Bronzer is the secret weapon to faking that sun-kissed look. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks, nose, and forehead with a wide brush made with natural fibers.Choose a liquid bronzer that is shear or a powdered mineral bronzer. Use a bronzer, instead of foundation, that compliments your skin tone instead to create an amazing sun kissed look.

6.DON’T wear a thick cream-based foundation under the summer rays


Try to prevent melting makeup by skipping liquid or cream foundation and use mineral powder instead. The less foundation and fewer products you use, the more likely it is that your makeup will stay in place.

7.DO Try a Hair Primer


Hair primer? Weird right. Your hair can’t get sunburned, but the sun can still damage your color and dry out your strands.

8.DON’T wear short shorts!


I know it’s hot out, but there’s a fine line between underwear and shorts — and that line is the bottom crease of your tush. Ladies: Please take a look at your behind before leaving the house.

9.DO embrace the peplum.


If you’re straight it adds a curve. If you have a little something extra in your stomach or your tush that extra flounce covers it.

10.DON’T match too much.


Don’t wear matching jewelry. Or match shoes and belts and trims. Keep it simple. Don’t over accessorize.






20 Life Hacks You Need to Know!

1. Tired of warm water?


2.For the coffee lovers out there!


3.No more tangles



4. Get a perfect pancake circle every time


5.Say goodbye to cloudy headlights


6.No more half full buckets



7.Having trouble not drinking enough water?



8.Stop losing money



9.Perfect strawberry



10.Password master



11.Save your money from buying ink!



12.Perfect egg



13.Gardening this summer?



14. Make your own taco dish


15.Preparing for a test?


16.Date that will make girls go gaga


17.I did not know this..


18.Prevent your clothes from slipping off


19.Helpful for dresses,bags, and more!


20. Mind block?



Dressing Mistakes That Make You Look Fat


I want to take a minute to talk about a few habits that make you
look chubbier than you really are. Plenty of people feel self-conscious
about their weight, and many may even feel insecure about how heavy
they think they look. You are the way you are. If you don’t like it, change
it. If you don’t feel like changing it, learn to live with it.

  A few simple fashion tricks, however, you can help yourself look a little skinnier.

Buy clothes that actually fit you.

Whether it’s too big or too small, it makes you look fat. Do yourself a favor
and find your true size and stick to it. They size the clothes to fit you, not
to make you feel bad! Buying smaller sizes is just punishing yourself and
you’ll look pinched and sausage-like in those too-small outfits. This is
especially important when selecting a bra. The right bra helps you shape
your silhouette by keeping your chest in check and your waist defined.


  1. Avoid undergarments that offer no support
  2. Try body-slimming undergarments
  3. Make sure you have sufficient coverage. Underwear that’s too small is not underwear you should buy.


Wearing the wrong pattern

The colors, cut and patterns you wear can draw people’s eyes toward
or away from your figure. Try on clothes and make sure the pattern
detracts. Big patterns will make you look bigger, while small patterns
can make you look smaller. Know what colors look good on you. A
flattering color can make your skin tone glow, while the wrong one
can make you look sallow and washed-out. If you’re having one of those
days when your whole body feels like a problem area, go with a black dress
or pantsuit and put on a colorful chunky necklace or bright hair accessory.
Just try to draw attention to something you like!


  1. Don’t put ruffles on anything you want to look smaller
  2. If you love something, really show it off!
  3. Avoid horizontal stripes.


Don’t forget your feet!

In general, it’s a good idea to stay away from clunky shoes, which
give the illusion of thickness.You may love flats, but they don’t
love you. Flat shoes emphasize big calves and ankles and make you
look squat. You want to visually elongate your leg to balance out a
wider calf. Wearing a heel will always help, and matching your shoe
color to your leg color will make your legs look extra long. Avoid shoes
with ankle straps. Ankle straps place a horizontal line at the top of your
foot, which cuts off your leg and makes it look shorter.


  1. Avoid strappy sandals and kitten heels.
  2. Remember that the lower the vamp and the pointier the toe on the shoe, the longer and slimmer your leg will appear.
  3. You also don’t want to wear shoes that show too much skin or have really thin straps if you feel like they make your feet/ankles/calves look too heavy.



Stick with jewelry and other accessories that create a vertical look, and
avoid horizontal accessories like chokers that may make your neck or other
features look thicker. Buy bold, chunky jewelry. Think large bangle bracelets,
chunky beaded chokers, heavy pendants with large charms, and bold rings.
Look for cute designs that appeal to your personal taste. You could try using
a necklace that newfangled simple with long chains or layers, rather than necklaces
with large models and short-chain because it will make your neck look short and full
. Necklaces and earrings work especially well in terms of jewelry, but you can also
consider scarves, hats, headbands, and other accessories that draw the eye away
from your body and toward your face. A big handbag bag can help make you look smaller,
as it does not look tiny next to you. For the selection of accessories, then the word of
“Less is more” is an appropriate phrase.


  1. Stick with narrow belts over thick belts to create this silhouette without encouraging the eye to focus on your figure from side to side.
  2. Avoid using rings on all fingers, let alone a ring that has a large size which will make your fingers look shorter.
  3. Accessories can definitely make an outfit look cuter, but too much will create a busy look that will end up having the opposite effect.


Keep in mind…..

  • Always try clothing on before you buy it. A garment may be your size on the tag, but that does not mean it will fit your body right.
  • Be very careful with leggings. For some women, a long shirt or dress with leggings is a slimming and fashionable look. However, if you have larger hips, thighs, or bottom, it can look awful.
  • Wear darker colors like navy and black because they make you to look skinnier.
  • Selecting boots is a challenge when you have wider ankles or calves. The best options for you are slouchy or stretchy styles that hit mid-calf, as they will allow the most room and still allow a flattering leg line.
  • Do not apply too much blush to your cheeks, and do not apply dark colors to your lips. Keep the focus on your eyes by keeping the rest of your make-up subdued.
  • Look for longer hair styles, depending on the shape of your face.
  • If you’re looking for a skirt, you can’t go wrong with an A-line cut. Avoid pencil skirts.
  • Stand up straight, pull your stomach in, and keep your shoulders back.
  • Avoid wearing baggy clothes that give you no shape and clothes that are too tight.


We can try and want to change something really really bad, but sometimes the habits are so deeply engrained, that it feels like no matter how much we try, we’re looping in the same old pattern, over and over and over again.

Do you ever look in the mirror and wished you were different?

Maybe you are too short, or too tall, or too thin, or too heavy.



The list never seems to end. Our society has believed a lie that says we have to look and act a certain way in order to be accepted. When God created us, He made us exactly the way He planned. When He designed us, before we were even in our mother’s womb, He planned our size, the color of our eyes, the color of our skin, everything about us!



Maybe you didn’t wake up this morning feeling beautiful you did wake up looking beautiful and I hope that one day you realize that and start loving what you see in the mirror…

Makeup Myths You Need To Stop Believing Right Now



Myth : You Can’t Wear Colors That Match Your Eyes


People have always told me to wear
purple eye shadow since I had brown eyes,
it will help them stand out. You can wear whatever colors you feel
like wearing! The reason certain shades are recommended for your eye color is to
make your eye color stand out. For instance, green-eyed girls are told to wear purples because
they are complimentary so purple eyeliner will make green eyes pop and appear more green. But you can wear colors that match your eye color or that are totally opposite. It’s up to you!


Myth : Not Everyone Can Wear Red Lipstick


Choosing the right shade of red is one thing, applying
it correctly is another. But if done right, the result is nothing less than gorgeous.

1. Find the right shade. There are a few guidelines to follow when choosing a red lipstick. Don’t let the hundreds of shades overwhelm you. It’s all in the tone:

• If you have pale to light skin with pink undertones — choose a shade that has cool, blue hues.
• If you have medium or olive skin with natural yellow undertones — choose a warmer red with a brown base.
• If you have very dark skin, you’re in luck! — choose basically any shade because you will look fabulous in it. You can get away with classic reds, bright oranges, or dark intense plums.

2. Balance the overall look. Once you’ve found the perfect shade, let your lips be the statement. Avoid pairing red lips with lots of bronzer or heavy eye makeup. This will have you looking less like a leading lady and more like a circus clown. A little black eyeliner and mascara is about all you will need to get this look right.

3. Line your lips. Red lipstick tends to bleed so be sure to line your lips before applying the perfect shade with a long wearing lip liner. Choose one that’s the same shade as your natural lip color. This will keep your lipstick from bleeding without competing with the color you’ve chosen. If you want more intensity, go over the natural lip liner with a red one, matching the color you’ve chosen.


Myth : Pumping Your Mascara Gets Rid Of Clumps


I don’t know who started this myth, but they
really trolled everyone. Almost every girl I know
pumps her mascara like two or three times before applying it,
and it makes me so mad! Pumping your mascara will force air into the tube
and dry it out even faster. If you want to avoid clumps, apply your mascara and use an eyelash comb to separate

1. If you are going to apply more than one coat, wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second (put it onto your right lashes, then do ur left, then by the time you go back to the right to put on more, its dry)

2. When choosing what mascara to use, find one that has space between the bristles. this allows the mascara to be evenly spaced and not be clumped before you even brush it onto your eyelashes

3. Change your mascara every 3 months or so, old mascara tend to easily get clumpy.

4. Roll your brush up your lashes instead of brushing

5. Wipe the sides of the brush on the rim of the tube to get rid of any excess mascara


Myth: Waterproof Mascara Lasts Longer

Woman applying black mascara on the eyelashes. Close-up image.

Okay, sort of. Waterproof mascara lasts longer because
it’s meant to withstand water. You should not, however,
use waterproof mascara during the day as your regular mascara.

Choose a mascara that has a thin brush, which means that the opening to the tube will be small and less air will get in. When air enters the tube, it dries out the mascara.
• Avoid pumping the mascara wand too vigorously during use. This allows air to get into the tube
• Add one drop of water to the tube of dry mascara if necessary. It’s not a great idea, but in an emergency, you will be able to get more out of the tube by using this trick

• Make sure you only use the water trick on water-soluble mascaras, not waterproof mascaras.
• If you’ve had your mascara longer than 3 months, it is probably a good idea to replace it and start using these tricks with a new tube.


 Myth: Match Your Foundation/Powder Shade To Your Wrist



I hear this one a lot. You can probably match your makeup
shade to the inside of your wrist if you never ever are exposed
to light, but the best way to get the right shade of foundation is
to match it to your neck. You’re not blending your face makeup
with your wrist, so why would you match it there?

Make a stripe of each color from your cheek down to your neck. Check the colors in natural light, since this will give you a better understanding of how it will look when executed in day-to-day activities. The shade that disappears into your skin tone is the proper shade. It may take several trios of colors to find the right one, so keep at it until you feel satisfied.

Well that’s it for now. Hope you found these tips to be helpful!

Oh La La Lip Tar Review


I’ve wanted to do a review on these since I saw their ad. I didn’t want to order online because I actually wanted to test the colors first before buying and finally I saw some at the mall. Just to clear this up, I am not being paid to do these reviews. These are 100% my own opinions.


What  is Lip Tar?

It’s a combination of the longevity of a lipstick, with the ease of application of a gloss. The formula doesn’t contain petroleum or silicon. Lip Tar is 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free, and is also free of parabens and other harsh preservatives.


















  • The pigmentation on these are crazy. I have very pigmented lips and I was actually surprised that “Hush” was a perfect nude for me.


  • This product is great when you’re looking for a bright, bold neon pink color! When I wear this I get so many compliments and questions on what it is. However there is a downside, this product is EXTREMELY drying. I suggest exfoliating your lips and adding a bit of Vaseline or something to moisturize your lips before you put this on.


  • If your looking for a sheer option this is not for you. But if you want rich velvety smooth vibrant colors choose this product, it is matte.


  •  They are $16 for just a small tube, but a little goes a long ways. You have to be careful when squeezing the tube not to apply too much pressure or else the all the product will just come out. Keep in mind the tube is only 0.33 oz.


  • It didn’t stay on as well as I had been led to believe. I have to reapply this multiple times through the night to keep the pigment, but my lips also end up slightly stained for the next few days.

Overall, these were an okay product. They are very pigmented but it does make your lips dry. It also has a weird smell to them and I dislike how the peppermint oil in it felt. I know this sounds like a rant, but I wish that I didn’t waste 90 dollars on them. I love the color but I don’t really like much else about it.

You can purchase yours here at Sephora. ($18)