Wearable Computer? The Google Glass!


Google is no longer a search engine you can use on your laptops, mobile device,  tablets, and other electronic devices. Now you can actually wear it and use it where ever you go.

This 2014 consumers released a wearable technology from smart watches. In other terms, it’s a smart pair of glasses. It’s a bit like having your smartphone built into a pair of glasses.  It has a built in HUD, camera, GPS, and a microphone that allows you to do several different tasks.

For example,  if you see a sign in a language you don’t understand the Google glass will be more than happy to translate it for you.  Set the world in your language with the new Google glass.

Take a look at the video below to see what Google Glass is like to wear and use.


Glass can take photos and videos, sends text messages, engages in FaceTime-like Google Hangouts, makes phone calls, searches Google, and gets turn-by-turn navigation with maps, giving you directions. It can show the weather, and the time. For now, anyway, that’s about it.



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