Why Should I Believe The Bible?

What is the Bible? Most people would say its the Word of God or maybe just a book with ancient stories. Inside you discover many rules and guidelines: “Be honest, be kind, always tell the truth, listen well, keep your promises, say ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ freely forgive, don’t covet your neighbor’s wife,” and that sort of thing. Initially you think, its a rule book. The Bible is NOT a rule book, its God’s love story & love letter. If your love sent you a letter describing the incredible sacrifices they made so you could be together again and in it they told you what you had to do in order to see them wouldn’t you follow what they said?



Some treat the Bible as though it were a book of rules, telling Christians how to live. But love doesn’t work that way. If you love Jesus, you don’t need the rules, and if you don’t love Jesus, the rules aren’t going to help. Love comes from the heart, not a book.




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