Is your make up expired? YES! Make up have expiration dates too!

Do you know if you make up is expired or not?

It’s important to get rid of make up once it expires. Wearing expired make up is very dangerous. Cosmetics that are expired usually leads to skin disease,breakouts, pink eye, and they also can clog your pores. Most make up products don’t come with a label with expiration dates. So take notes as I tell you when cosmetics expire if opened! 🙂




                  3-4 months , unless it has a terrible smell (means a lot of bacteria is building up inside of it and can cause infections)


Lipstick/Lip gloss/Lip liner


                        12-18 months or until texture/smell has changed. But if you’re a make up geek like me, your lip product will probably run out before it even expires. 


Powder and eye shadows 


               They surprisingly last up to 2 years! So it is a good idea to invest in a good eyeshadow palette.


Liquid Foundation


  Liquid foundations last up to 6-12 months! They do great works if you have the right shade to match your skin tone.




                             12 to 18 months

Nail polish


          2 years. Surprised as I was? Yes unfortunately nail polishes do expire.  They thicken within time.




           Eyeliners are most crucial when it comes to expiration dates. They can cause you irritations and maybe even an eye infection! Eyeliner pencils can last you to 3 years, but if its liquid eyeliner they usually expire after 3-4 months.

Here are some tips you can do to help your cosmetics last longer :

  1. Eyeliners & lip liners – sharpen them regularly to remove the any bacteria
  2. Make sure the caps to all your products are tightly closed after using, and store makeup in a cool, dry place (not the bathroom). Why? Bathrooms have a lot of germs. Maybe place them in a covered container so that it’s less likely for germs to enter.
  3. Who else “pumps” their mascara when they can’t get anything out? DON’T do that anymore.All you’re doing is forcing air in, causing the product to break down more quickly. What you can actually do is…1779972_566900066740250_46708871_n
  4. Putting nail polish and lipsticks in the refrigerator can actually keep them fresh and it slows down the growth of bacteria.


Thank you for taking your time to read this. 🙂

Feel free too leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.



One thought on “Is your make up expired? YES! Make up have expiration dates too!

  1. Europe mandates cosmetic manufacturers to display the Period after Opening (PaO) symbol on product and packaging. Symbol is of an open jar with the number of months (i.e. 12M = 12 months) indicating lifespan… Once Opened. Don’t mark up with a permanent marker as it will rub off because of oils in creams/makeup – check out solution at

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