Amazing make up under $10!

Don’t you ever get tired of buying make up products & finding out they really don’t meet your expectations, or they just don’t work as good as they said they would?
Here are several cosmetics you wouldn’t want to miss!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick the Kate Moss Collection


Why I love it:

  • It’s very long-lasting about 8-12 hours
  • It’s perfect for holidays and nice sophisticated look.
  • The color is rich & very vibrant. ( Though there aren’t that made shades available)

Price: $4-5 USD (Target, Walmart, and most drugstores)

Hard candy glamoflauge concealer


  • It gives you AMAZING coverage. A  TEENY little dot will cover a large area of your face.
  • It’s very blendable & long-lasting
  • It has a green undertone so it masks any redness,blemishes,and acne.
  • A little does go a long way, so you get a lot of product for a good price.

Price: $6 USD (Target, Walmart, & Most drugstores)

Wet n Wild Coloricon Eye Shadow Trios


  • High quality (but be sure to put on primer so its lasts more)
  • Super pigmented
  • They have a wide variety of colors but I suggest ‘Walking on eggshells’!

Price:$3 (Target, Walmart, & most drugstores)

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes


  • Very black so it gives you this dramatic look
  • It gives you length and volume at the same time
  • It plumps up your lashes without them clumping!

Price:$5-6 (Target, walmart, and most drugstores)

NYC Sunny Bronzer


  • It’s completely matte I hate contouring my cheeks with shimmering bronzer. It doesn’t look flattering at all. & doesn’t turn orange.
  • Its pigmented, but not too pigmented where you have to be careful how much you pick up and its buildable
  • It makes you glow & it doesn’t cake up it gives you natural looking color

Price:$2-3 (Target, walmart, and most drugstores)

Maybelline ExpertWear Single Eyeshadow


  • I LOVE this eyeshadow! They are so pigmented that you don’t need to use a primer when putting this on, and it doesn’t give you that much fall out
  • It applies easily & really blendable (but I do suggest using an eyeshadow brush instead of the ones they give you in a packaging)
  • The colours are pretty true to how they look in the package.


Revlon Super Lustrous – Creme Lipstick


  • So many colors I couldn’t even begin to name them all, it is a nice intense and matte.
  • The pigmentation is incredible and it just glides on smoothly.
  • The formula is moisturizing
  • You can see the color by the transparent part of the cap, which is nice because the color you see is the color you’ll get.

Price:$4-5 USD

Maybelline EyeStudio Master Duo Glossy Liquid Liner


  • I always had difficulty with my eyeliners  rubbing off and transfering onto the upper eyelid or not making a definitive line but this eyeliner fixes all of that
  • The colors are very bold
  • It has a great finish and
  • I love the concept of different line thicknesses. It’s also perfect for creating a winged eyeliner look since it comes with an applicator & lets you create any sort of angles you want.

Price:$7 USD


Hard Candy Fox In A Box


  • As you can see it comes in a cute little package, and it has different types of colors. I love it because they also have brown shades in there which you can use for contouring(bronzer) & also because when you apply it you dont look too red or pink. It gives a natural looking blush with the right amount.
  • It has a great finish, gives a soft, even shine to the skin without looking like chunky pieces of glitter.
  • The only recommendation that I have it to use another brush when using this product.


Maybelline Dream Liquid Make-up


  • This is hands down my holy grail foundation. It gives you this air brushed finish making your skin look so flawless!
  • It evens out your skin and easy to apply but I do suggest using a beauty blender since it is mousse, but you can always use your fingers too!
  • It has amazing coverage, and you can build up on it without it looking cakey.
  • It doesn’t oxidize or fade. Just be careful when using the pump, make sure you don’t press to hard.
  • They have a wide selection on skin tones which is great but I really recommend this product if you have yellow undertones because it doesn’t look or turn orange.



Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss


  • They have 18 different flavors & colors. This is probably the only lip gloss I like wearing. They have such a sweet smell & it gives your lips such a smooth look.
  • Its not sticky yet very moisturizing
  • This lip gloss last a long time. I apply it in the morning before I leave for class and I dont have to re-apply untill noon.
  • I love that it glides on, isn’t sticky unless you go overboard on the application and makes your lips stand out in a good way!

Price:$5 USD









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